Part One

Tael looked up in disgust as he saw how much more of the field he would have to harvest before dinner. Muttering under his breath as he walked, Tael called Bela, the family’s draught horse, along and continued working. The peaceful creature lifted his hooves, dragging the heavy cart behind her, Tael throwing the crop on after he cut it down. Locked in on either side by towering mountain ranges, Tael and his father, Torsen, lived on their humble farm, unknowing of much of the world around them. However, this was soon about to change dramatically.


Tael opened the door wearily, only to glad to see the glow of the hot fire. He sat down, legs barely holding him up for any longer. Winter was on its way, and they only had a couple more days to collect the crop before it was too late. Torsen walked in, just as weary, and sat down next to Tael. They both ate in silence, completely exhausted from the day of work and quickly went to bed.


Light peeped through Tael’s window, revealing a crisp white landscape covered in snow. ‘Thank God we got it all in yesterday’ Tael sluggishly thought to himself. He crawled out of bed and walked into the main room, not a sign of anybody or anything. Slightly disturbed, Tael sat down and ate his breakfast.


Tael went about his usual chores, checking on the livestock and feeding them, caught by surprise when he didn’t see his father’s horse in the stable. Tael left the stable scratching his head unsure of where his father’s horse had gone, only to see his home burst into flames.


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  1. Great to see you publishing your writing, Andrew; you certainly have a talent for it.

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