Part Two

Tael’s legs pumped underneath him as he ran towards his burning home. Two black shapes galloped down the road, traveling at an unearthly speed. By the time Tael reached his home, the two mysterious riders were already out of sight.

Tears began to fill Tael’s eyes. First he didn’t have any idea where his father went, and now his home was gone. Tael looked at the flames in hatred, wishing they were gone. He let the hatred flow through him, every fiber of his body willing those flames away. The sky went dark, rain clouds quickly gathering above the isolated farm. Rain fell, the burning husk of the farm sizzling as the rain fell harder, dousing the flames.

He felt a sudden wave of hopelessness overwhelm him. No home. No father. No family. He decided to go to the nearest town and find out where his father had gone too. Then he would find what or who had destroyed his home. Tael stated walking down the road out of the farm, the same road that the dark riders had gone down, their footprints washed away in the torrential storm, completely unaware of the power that lay within him.


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