Hycane Invaded: Reloaded

On the surface, all appeared safe, the same as it had been for many a generation. Little did the citizens of Hycane know that a terrifying new threat to their world was about to spring forth and bring darkness to the once peaceful planet


*     *      *


James Reilly rolled his aching shoulders, adjusted his position in his seat. The Harvester-‘bot continued to whirr constantly, but Reilly had grown used to its droning. A monstrous contraption, the Harvester-‘bot was one of the few true innovations to come from Hycane, an otherwise unimportant farm world in the universe. It was designed to allow for quicker, better harvests and was equipped with two sharp scythes that cleanly cut through wheat at a phenomenal speed. A myriad of other arms packed the wheat into bundles, leaving a trail of bales behind it. Reilly piloted the robot with ease, each motion fluidly blending into the next. Despite this, Reilly knew he would still be here for hours, hacking his way through acres of wheat.

*     *      *

The house was a blur as Lily Reilly threw belongings in cupboards, pillows on couches, before running back to the over to check on dinner. James’ uncle was coming over, a famous inter-planetary officer, who had earned many an accolade. James’ uncle Scott Reilly would arrive in less than an hour, probably before James arrived back from the field. Lily ran to the door as a heavy knocking sound echoed throughout the house. She greeted Scott cheerfully, and invited him to sit down. As he went to sit down, suddenly the ground shook violently.


Cracks appeared on the surface of Hycane, widening until they were more then three meters long. And just as violently as they begun, the tremors stopped, leaving massive ravines in the ground. A chattering sound could be heard, as well as the sound of thousands of small feet. As darkness fell, shadows slipped out of the cracks, and onto Hycane.


*     *      *

Reilly was on his way home as cracks appeared in the ground around him. It was already dark, and as they widened, the sound of hundreds of feet coming forth from these newly formed natural features. Reilly readied himself in his Harvester. An ex-Hycane Defence Force pilot, Reilly knew he could fight off whatever came out of there.

*     *      *

Lily screamed as a huge insectoid creature broke through the door and roared, sending splinters everywhere. It looked at her with almost curious eyes, its antennae twitching as it stared at her. Scott walked into the room, and, much to Lily’s surprise, slowly bowed. “The great Rak have arrived” he muttered “and here is a worthy sacrifice”. He got up and pushed Lily forwards. Terrified, Lily allowed herself to be led outside and shuttled down one of the newly formed tunnels the Rak had now dug out. Huge feats of engineering though they were, Lily’s thoughts were interrupted as a scream punctuated the cold, night air. Obviously Scott hadn’t been worthy, she thought grimly.

*     *      *

Reilly dealt with the first creatures to come out of the hole, cleanly severing its head. He continued to do bring the aliens down with ruthless efficiency and with great skill, before no more of the creatures poured forth. Reilly put his bot into a spring, making a bee line for his house, killing any who stood in his way.

*     *      *

As day broke, the creatures retreated back to their homes; accustomed to the pitch black underground, they were unable to survive above ground during the day-yet.

*     *      *

Reilly reached his almost destroy home and whimpered. His wife was either captured or dead and the latter terrified him. He jumped out of the ‘bot and walked through his now shattered door. A groan filled his ears, and Reilly turned to see his bleed uncle lying amongst the rubble. “Where is she?” Reilly growled “Where is Lily?” Much to his surprise, Scott spat in Reilly’s face angrily. “The great Rak of Hycane have her now!” he roared happily. Reilly turned grimly, towards the door. Scott looked worried. “Are you just going to leave an uncle to die?” he asked, but Reilly was already out the door.

*     *      *

Lily sat terrified as one of the truly alien creatures circled her. She was alone, in a nearly lightless, small room, deep, deep underground. The alien stopped walking and stared at Lily with dark, beady eyes. Lily recoiled in horror as she felt an inhuman presence press against her mind, seemingly trying to force its way into her mind and gain entrance. Instinctively, Lily closed her mind off, doing all she could to block the intruder from getting in. She felt the alien battle against her defences, the walls almost buckling from the pressure. But Lily was a strong person, and would not be broken that easily. Suddenly, the alien relaxed the pressure, and led her into a large hall, where hundreds of Hycanians resided. She saw the alien lay a claw on another person, seemingly at random, and lead them back into the small room she had just left.

*     *      *

Ra growled to himself. He was the greatest torturer the Rak had at their disposal, and yet he had struggled to break even the, what he believed to be, the weakest of the batch. His thought process barely flickered as he hurled a mental equivalent of a spear at his unfortunate victim, taking no pleasure as the human’s mind was skewered, none of the defences the previous subject had demonstrated present. Odd, he thought, as he led the once proud man out as a blathering wreck. What allowed for one to resist, but no others?

*     *      *

Reilly opened the doors to his massive sold iron barn, and led his bot inside, closing the doors behind him angrily. He took a deep breath. He could not allow his uncle’s betrayal to interfere with what he planned to do during the night, in the safety of the nearly impenetrable barn. The turned the lights on, revealing a expansive arsenal that many military institutions would have been proud of. After retiring as a pilot, Reilly had smoothly transferred into the world of military technology. He was a natural, and quickly leapt up the ranks, achieving more in his short stint there then in his five years as a pilot. However, he quickly became disenchanted with the notion that his creations were killing people and breaking families. So, much to the Defence Force’s disdain, he resigned, many of his inventions mysteriously disappearing, unseen for many an year. Until now.


Reilly spent the night hard at work, ignoring the constant chattering outside. He attached all kinds of weapons, some prototypes, others proven warhorses. He worked all through the night, before collapsing from sheer exhaustion when his work was finally complete. The Harvester-‘bot was now battle ready

*     *      *

Lily sat alone, despite being surrounded by others. All sat in horror, terrified of their fate-each had their own personal battle to fight. Lily dreaded the time when she would once again be dragged into that room. She was the only one to have made it out of there with her mind intact, with some semblance of her former self, and she knew that the Rak, as she found out they were called, were determined for this not to be the case

*     *      *

Reilly activated the ‘bot, the contraption roaring in anticipation. The barn doors groaned as they opened, and from which Reilly sallied forth. It was midday, so none of the Rak were on the surface, all of them were hidden away underground. The huge tunnel lay open before him, a great dark opening in the earth. Reilly flicked a switch and massive flood lights flickered into action, piercing the almost palpable darkness. Reilly set his shoulders grimly and, as he tightened his grip on the robot’s controls, stepped into the darkness.


He advanced cautiously through the tunnel, weapons at the ready. The place was a labyrinth, tunnels branching off on all sides. Reilly had already lost track of how many turns he had taken, how far he had gone. It did not worry him however-he was single minded and determined. A scream echoed throughout the cavern, a human scream. Reilly was filled with hope and dread, the ‘bot’s legs pumping beneath him. So focused was he, that he didn’t hear the ominous scuttling around him.


*     *      *

Lily shivered, preparing for another mental blast to come her way. She had been picked up by the torturer, known as Ra, relatively soon after the first torture. However, this one was nowhere near as quick. She hadn’t slept for hours, having been forced to remain awake the entire night. Her mind was a quagmire, except for the looming walls which she strived to keep up. She had allowed for them to waver once before, only for an instant, but the Rak had seen the gap and pounced, gaining access for a moment, a scream unwillingly leaving her lips. Hope was beginning to leave her. She struggled to see a way out, a way to freedom. Sheer stubbornness allowed her to keep fighting. She had survived for this long; she didn’t want to die yet.

*     *      *


Ra threw all of his sizeable mental weight against the defences. It bent a little bit, but sprung back to solidarity as quickly as it had buckled. He growled in anger. On the surface, it looked like nothing more then a nuisance-a creature that he could break with two fingers. However, below the surface, the human had stronger defences then anything he had ever encountered. It worried him greatly, but he continued with his ruthless assault.

*     *      *

Reilly halted, recognizing the chattering. He halted, and turned around to see the countless aliens pouring from the walls around him. He activated his weapons and blasted them as they crawled along the wall, many falling as he did so. However, it seemed that no matter how quickly he fired, no matter how accurately, there were still many more to fill their place. As he readied his close combat weaponry, blasts from other gun flew past him, landing amongst the mass of aliens. Reilly turned to see some twenty men behind him, all with the word ‘RESISTANCE’ emblazoned onto their shoulder pads. Reilly saw ex-HDF faces amongst the group, including his old commander. “Rescue the girl!” he roared “and save as many as you can! We will hold them off”. He indicated behind him. “The main prison chamber is through there; send any prisoners back to us”. Reilly ran forwards, and with a gasp, entered the huge prison hall.


People ran past as yelled for everyone to go to the men of the RESISTANCE, and follow their instructions. Eager to escape, they ran in droves towards the exit. Reilly could not see Lily amongst them. Then, another scream filled his ears, Identical to the one he had heard earlier. He saw a small door at the end of the chamber, and hastily made his way towards it

*     *      *

The constant attacks had worn Lily down, until finally, the walls had collapsed, and Lily did not have the strength to rebuild it. She vaguely heard an explosion as something tore through the closely packed dirt. She felt herself lifted by cold, metallic hands. She saw her torturer’s head on the ground, its black eyes still staring at her. She remained in these metal hands for what seemed to be an eternity, before she was placed softly on a warm…’what were they called again?’ she wondered. Her heavy eyelids closed, before she fell into a deep slumber.

*     *      *

Reilly had remained at the bedside for three days now. Reports from the surface were grim, stating that the Rak were beginning to live on the surface, abandoning their underground complex. They had truly swapped places.


Lily had woken twice, however only briefly. She had appeared as only a shell of her former self, weakened mentally by the whole ordeal. He was wracked with guilt. Could he have arrived earlier? Could he have done more?


He had whole heartedly agreed to join the RESISTANCE. Operating from their underground fortress, they conducted small raids on the surface, mostly for food and materials for life underground. However, Reilly knew one thing deep down-Hycane would be reclaimed.



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  1. Marianna Jans

    its good 🙂 did you do this to a particular prompt or just whatever?

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