The Jungles of Kazaldor (The Ghear continued..)

“MOVE FASTER MAGGOTS, WE NEED TO BE AT LEAST THIRTY METRES DEEPER BY THE NEXT CYCLE” Gharthor bellowed at the weakling humans. “IT’S YOUR HEADS ON THE LINE IF WE DON’T!” Reilly swore under his breath as he wiped the sweat from his brow. His body was screaming for a rest, almost unable to take any more punishment. His arms ached as he swung the pick axe back down again, the impact sending shocks through his already weakened arms.  He fell to his knees, nearing complete exhaustion. “GET BACK ON YOUR FEET YOU MEWLING MORSEL” the brute roared. A scaled hand reached down to grab Reilly by the neck. Without even thinking, almost completely reactively, Reilly heaved the pick axe around, striking the reptile clean in the neck, the sharp pick embedding itself deep inside the scaled neck.

The mines burst into action. Whilst the Ghear were physically superior to the humans, in the tight mine shafts they struggled to swing there weapons around to full effect. However, those they did hit were instantly killed; their body’s broken by the immense swords of the Ghear. But numbers were on the miner’s side, and they soon overwhelmed their guardians, their reptilian faces pockmarked with holes from the picks. Reilly panted heavily, his actions fully fuelled by adrenalin now.  He turned around to see similarly weary faces, some still holding bloody pick axes. Reilly bent down next to a dead lizard, and yanked the dagger out of the sheath. A much more fearsome weapon then his battered pick axe, he grabbed the sheath as well. At least the size of a sword in human hands, it certainly showed the sheer size of the beings. Hefting the weapon on his back, he trudged up towards the exit of the mine. Instinctively, the others followed him. Without even realising, James Reilly had become a leader.

Light shined into his eyes, something he hadn’t seen for over a week, its rays enriching his light deprived skin. Nigh on immeasurably tall trees were around him, the sounds of the jungle filling his ears. He had no idea what was out there, what residing amongst that dense foliage. He had limited skills, limited physical prowess and no knowledge whatsoever about this foreign landscape. He had no idea if he could survive out there. He turned to see the mass of people. He had no idea if we could survive out there. He hoisted his weapons, called for those who wanted to come to follow him, and took his first step into the jungle of Kazaldor.


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