The foliage closed around him, dampening the noise around him. Despite being surrounded by people, he felt like there was literally nobody near him. Sounds of the jungle filled his ears, sounds he had never heard before. Relief flooded over him as the group burst through into a wide open field, a lake in its centre. However, this relief was soon replaced with terror as a primal bellow burst forth out of the undergrowth.

The ground shook beneath Reilly’s feet as a monstrous creature burst forth from the undergrowth. Rippling with muscles, its fur covered body shuddering with every stride, claws fully unsheathed. It roared once more, its feline mouth revealing full set of terrifying teeth. Reilly set his shoulders as he stared into the creatures yellow eyes, the terrifying eyes staring back at him. He bounced the sword in his hand, and as the ferocious creature reached him, stepped aside. He swung the sword down with a roar, the sound coming from deep within him, seemingly unsolicited. He cut the lion like creature deep, eliciting a howl of pain as the weapon tore through the beast’s flesh. It tumbled to the ground, its forward left paw dangling limply. The ligaments and such essential for its movement were severed by Reilly’s blade. It stumbled around on the ground, kicking up dust as it tried to get to its feet. However, Reilly wouldn’t allow this to happen, and with a tremendous stab, drove his sword deep into the beast’s heart. A cheer rose up behind him. He wasn’t just a leader. He was now a hero.

Once again the ground beneath him began to rumble. Reilly prepared himself to fight once more, his lip turning into a snarl. But this time, it was something much less threatening, as Reilly gasped at what came into view. A herd of brachiosaur like creatures were plodding past, their heads high above the canopy, heading towards the lake near the centre of the vast opening. Smaller creatures ran about their legs, some as small as a chickens, but instead of feathers, were covered in fur. Night was closing in around him, as his stomach began to rumble. ‘Food’. ‘We need food’, he thought ‘as well as water’.

They reached the lakeside before true nightfall, the sun-like object still sending light over the horizon. He was worried how they would survive through the night, with minimal shelter and no light. They had gotten lucky though, as some had been able to catch some of the smaller creatures that had been scuttling around the feet of the larger brachiosaurs. Some irked at the thought of eating raw meat, but that quickly dispersed when the realised how hungry they were, the Ghear having rarely fed them whilst down the mines. Reilly was beginning to realise the extremity of his situation. He was on an alien planet, with no ‘back up’, no way even out of here. He had little shelter, little light. Luck had presented them with water and food, but one knows not to trust luck. And night was about to set in. He hoped the worst wasn’t yet to come


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