New Story

The wind rustled through the branches of the pine tree as boots crunched through fresh snow. A fox darted across the path, it’s winter coat allowing it to quickly blend back in to the landscape. The sound of the boots continued inexorably. The person was clutching a torch, the only source of heat in the desolate landscape. The roar of a bear caused the man to stop suddenly, a bearded face looking around to consider the snowy plains. Satisfied that the beast was not close by, the man continued to walk. He had a large rifle slung over his shoulder, a more than capable defence. There was a definite purpose in the way this man walked, he seemed to know exactly where where he was going. He came over the rise in the mountain, and before him lay an amazing site. Beneath a layer of snow fall, an ancient city spanned before him. The mans eyes lit up. He had found what he was looking for.

The steel capped boots clicked on the flagstones of the city’s streets. The man put out his torch. There were torches lit along the wall. Something unnatural kept them burning. There was something or someone at work here. He swung his rifle off his back, his finger hovering over the trigger. There was an eerie feeling surrounding this place, something very tangible and yet difficult to pinpoint. He most certainly wanted to be prepared for whatever lay before him. The mans eyes narrowed as he reached a large town square. The place was well lit yet felt as dangerous as a dark, dank cavern. The lack of inhabitants worried him. He wondered what had driven them away from their homes. There wasn’t any sign of an attack, no real damage. The only thing truly out of place was a horrible sense of danger, that something was waiting to go wrong, that simply exuded from every crack, every opening. He heard something move behind him, barely making a noise. He whipped around, but it was already too late. It was upon him.

A gun shot was followed by a scream that rang out across the white tundra, followed by an ear piercing, inhuman shriek. None heard it however. There were no other humans for a long, long way. His screams of pain were abruptly cut off. The wind rustled through the branches of the trees.


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